How To Make a Guided Meditation Script Work For You

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If you are thinking of using guided meditation, or guided imagery, consider using your own guided meditation script. While it’s easy to go get a guided mediation recording from elsewhere and listen to it, I’d like to ask you: Have you ever listened to such a recording and gotten the idea that it wasn’t written for you? In this article, I’ll show you how to adapt existing meditation scripts to suit your needs, and even show you how to record them for your own listening.

There is something to be said for having a professional touch when you’re listening to a guided meditation, but I find that listening to guided imagery that’s specifically tailored to your needs can be infinitely more effective. Just remember to speak as if you are soothing a child. Keep it simple, keep your voice soft. Don’t introduce scary images unless you are planning on dealing with them.

One of the easiest ways of getting started is to take an existing meditation script guided imagery script and rewrite it. Simple enough, and it serves three very good purposes:

It teaches you the rhythm and flow of how the scripts are written
It can give you ideas on how to come up with your own originals, and last but not least –
It allows you to customize your script to your own mind (or for someone in particular – family member, friend, etc).

Either way, once you have your custom guided meditation script, you’ll probably want to take it out for a spin. I do when I’m coming up with new guided imagery. Of course, guided meditation tends not to work too well if you’re reading it to yourself (although this, too, can be conquered, with practice). This leaves you with two options: Option one is having someone read it to you, an inconvenience for both of you, and can be slightly embarrassing if you want it to be perfect before you present it. Option two is recording it and then playing it back to yourself. Obviously, I favor option two.

Recording your guided meditation script is easier than you might imagine. (Not so many) Years ago, this would have been done with a tape recorder. This was rather linear, and editing was extremely difficult. Nowadays, it’s very easy to record on your computer. There are two great free programs I use and recommend to help with this:

Audacity and CD Burner XP Pro. Audacity is a totally free audio recording program (used for many podcasts) and CD Burner XP Pro is a free Windows-based CD burning program. With these two programs, you can record and edit your guided imagery session (with Audacity), and can then record to CD if you don’t have an MP3 player (CD Burner XP Pro). The combination of these two programs combined with the information available already available means that you can take an existing guided meditation script, customize it to suit your needs exactly, and then have it on hand whenever you want to use it. Even better, you can then share them with your loved ones. Over time, you may find that you have created for yourself and your loved ones an entire library of guided imagery, customized for your every need.