Suorin Air Plus vs Suorin Air V2

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The new Suorin Air Plus is the third form of the famous Air arrangement. The first had a couple of issues which Suorin rushed to resolve with the Air V2. So what’s the story with the Suorin Air Plus? Let the specialists breakdown the significant contrasts between the two unit vapes.

Suorin Air V2 versus Suorin Air Plus Comparison table

Unit Capacity

One of the fundamental grumblings with the Suorin Air was the absence of vape juice limit. With a vape juice limit of 2mL numerous vapers ended up topping off the unit more frequently than they needed. Suorin tuned in to the input, they have figured out how to build the limit by 1.2mL to a great 3.2mL! That measure of the best salt nic juice should keep by far most of vapers enduring a large portion of the day without a top off. There are two loop protections (more on that later) so the Air Plus is viable with both freebase nicotine and salt nic juice.

Topping off on the Air V2 and the Air Plus isn’t troublesome, the units slide in and out effectively and the huge filling ports help limit spillage. The Air Plus likewise includes another bewilder on the lower part of the unit which Suorin guarantee limits vape juice spilling onto the gold plated contact focuses.

Suorin Air Plus Battery Capacity

The battery in the Suorin Air positively isn’t the greatest. It has MY BAR Guava a level 400 mAh battery what while being light and compact doesn’t give a lot of utilization prior to charging is required. Here comes the most great component of the Suorin Air Plus. Inside the gadget which is just marginally bigger than the Air V2 the Plus has an enormous 930 mAh battery. Dramatically increasing the first battery limit. Because of wattage increment of 16W in the Air to 22W in the Air Plus you may not experience up to twice the use time. The Air Plus likewise includes USB-C speedy charging so when you do have to charge it’ll move prepared to fire in twofold time.

Given that the better than ever battery life is one of the fundamental highlights of the Suorin Air Plus they’ve likewise incorporated another method of showing the force level. On the Air Plus are 5 LEDs and as demonstrated underneath the more force you have left the more lights are lit up.

Suorin Air Plus LED Battery Level Indicator

Loop Resistance

In past Suorin Air’s there was just a single decision of curl obstruction, with the Suorin Air Plus there is two. For the individuals who like to vape freebase nicotine, you can pick the sub-Ohm 0.7ω choice. In the event that you love your nic salts, you can pick the 1.0ω.

Correlation of the Suorin Air Plus Pods and the Suorin Air V2 Pods

Suorin Air Plus Size

In spite of every one of these expansions in highlights and usefulness, the Air Plus is a couple of millimeters enormous than its more youthful sibling. It additionally has a similar very smooth look and feel. The outline underneath shows how the two gadgets size up one next to the other. As you can see there is a couple of millimeters distinction between the two. The Air Plus is likewise 2mm thicker than it’s more youthful sibling.

What kind of juice is utilized in Suorin Air?

It’s getting more mainstream in unit vapes is the capacity to utilize either freebase vape squeeze or salt nic juice. With the Suorin Air Plus you can pick from two distinctive curl protections. The 0.7ω is ideal for freebase nicotine and the 1.0ω has been intended for salt nic juice use.

Suorin Air Plus Release Date

Out now – Suorin Air Plus On Sale


Suorin hasn’t wasted time with this new update. Rather they’ve taken each component that made the Air V2 such a triumph and enhanced it. Quick charging, greater limit case, more force and surprisingly discretionary loop opposition relying upon which sort of vape juice you like. At the point when the Suorin Air was supplanted with the Air V2 there wasn’t a lot of show. With the improved highlights of the Air Plus it bodes well that Suorin gives the Air Plus the publicity it merits.

Is it true that you are amped up for another rendition on the Air? Or then again do you think the Suorin Edge has taken case frameworks to another level? On the off chance that you have a solid assessment on the Air V2 and Air Plus let us know in the remarks underneath.